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Doing what you can to protect your home from a potential wildfire is the first step towards Peace of Mind. Peace of mind in knowing your home has a chance of surviving a wildfire and that you can attain Homeowners Insurance at an affordable rate.

Protecting your home begins with a term defined as ‘Hardening your Home’. This partially entails installing state-of-the-art, fire rated Gutter Guards, Foundation, Attic and Roof vents. This new technology not only prevents embers from entering your attic (the biggest cause of home fires), it also helps prevent fuels that ignite fires from building up (please review our website video’s, links, products).  

Hardening your home, combined with establishing defensible space (keeping trees limbed and clearing debris around your home and property) is our specialty.

WildFire Home Protection is here to help you navigate this process, keep your insurance premiums low and sleep better at night by knowing you’ve taken the necessary steps to give your home a fighting chance.

We offer insurance approved, fire rated products and installation to harden your home. With the rapidly growing Wildfires in California, such as Santa Rosa, Carr, Paradise fires etc… we are all being called to do whatever we can to protect ourselves, and our homes.

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Hardening Your Home

Change out your vents to Block wildfire embers, keep rodents out and stop wind driven rain, dust and debris

Changing out your vents to the new State Fire Marshall approved vents, protects from direct flame intrusion, radiant heat and embers. The coating swells up when exposed to high temperatures and closes off the cells, effectively blocking fire and ember intrusion. They also prevent pests and rodents from entering your home. And most insurance companies will discount premiums for implementing this upgrade.


Gutter guards

One of the best ways to protect your home is to keep your gutters properly maintained and cleared. This can be an on-going challenge to maintain, that’s why gutter guards are a great solution. Open gutters are an easy ember ignition source that needs to be addressed.

Intumescent Fire retardant paint

We offer state of the art fire resistant paints to protect the exterior and interior of your home. This paint is insurance approved and comes in a variety of colors including a clear coat for wood structures.


insurance trying to cancel you?

If you are having issues with your homeowners insurance, we maybe able to help you. We can “harden your house” to meet the new insurance guidelines, and keep your rates reasonable. We offer an array of solutions to meet all your home protection needs. Call us for a free quote.